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Specials & Trade Items

Deja Vu Audio South considers gently used, one customer owned, trade-in items. Trade in items are credited for towards new purchases at Deja Vu Audio South.

Occasionally, demonstration products will also be available at Deja Vu Audio South and they are supplied with full warranty and support.

A few conditions of trade in items:

  • All sales are final for trade in items and demos.
  • Shipping is additional and pick ups are welcome and encouraged.
  • There are no auditions outside the store on the listed trade in equipment.

If you are interested in any of the items listed, please call 305 306 7249 or email us.

Synthesis Roma 27AC (Original Price $2,495)

Please inquire about sale price.

25 Watt per channel, Integrated tube amplifier. Used lightly. Excellent condition.

Conrad-Johnson Classic Sixty (Original Price $5,000)

Please inquire about sale price.

60 Watt per channel, vacuum tube amplifier. Used lightly. Excellent condition.

Magico V3 Speakers - Immaculate pair of Magico V3 speakers in excellent condition. One owner trade-in. List price $7995.00 (Original Price $25,000.)

Each speaker from Magico is a work of science, as well as a work of art!  Unlike some speaker lines where there might be one or two strong products but the rest are nothing special, each Magico speaker regardless of it’s price point, is a top-notch product.
“In short, the V3 is a speaker that has lofted the brand into the company of the very, very best that audio has to offer.”
— Alan Sircom, HiFi+
Description: Three-way, sealed-box, floorstanding loudspeaker.
Drive-units: 1″ (25mm) ring-radiator tweeter, 6″ (152mm) Nano-Tec midrange cone, two 7″ (178mm) Nano-Tec woofer cones. Frequency range: 32Hz–40kHz. Sensitivity: 89dB/2.83V/m. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.
Recommended power: 50–300Wpc.
Dimensions: 42″ (1050mm) H by 12″ (300mm) W by 15″ (380mm) D.
Weight: 160 lbs (72kg) each.