Audio Nirvana – Koetsu Rosewood Cartridge

Audio nirvana – Koetsu Rosewood cartridge. Hand made in Japan. Hand wound coils and carved wood body. There are very few items that can transform your album collection as much as this cartridge. The very best.

Harbeth Monitor 30

Harbeth Monitor 30 – This speaker can handle any music you can throw at it. Harbeth has been making speakers for many years in the BBC tradition. Don’t be fooled by their size – they deliver realistic and thrilling performance. For many enthusiasts – these are the last pair of speakers they ever buy. Easy to understand once you hear them.

DaVinciAudio Gabriel Turntable

DaVinciAudio Gabriel turntable-one of the most beautiful hi-fi components in the world. Fortunately, beauty is more than skin deep because this is one of the finest turntables in the world. It really brings out the very best in analog and a vinyl experience. First time listeners typically respond – “that’s why people listen to vinyl records!” Come check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Feel free to bring your own vinyl if you want so you can experience the difference of a reference turntable.

Garrard 301 – Ultimate Analog Audio

Sometimes considered an audio secret – a hot-rodded vintage Garrard 301 turntable is possibly considered the ultimate analog piece of equipment.

Western Electric Audio System by Aldo

Orignal Western Electric parts. Rebuilt by Aldo D’Urso in Italy. Top of the audio food chain. There are very few modern systems that can do what this system can do. In this case vintage doesn’t mean – less performance. Vintage here means that great engineers at Western Electric in the 1930s and 1940s dedicated themselves to the best sound reproduction. They cut no corners in design, materials and build. The results speak for themselves. Seventy years later and there is still very little out there that can touch this. Skeptical? Come hear for yourself.

Does Your Turntable Sound Like It May Need a New Cartridge?

Does your turntable sound like it might need a new cartridge? It happens to everyone. Those things don’t last forever. You would be amazed to hear what a new cartridge can do for your entire album collection. Grado Prestige collection offers excellent performance and value. Hand built and tested in the US. The Prestige series of cartridges are designed for high output and excellent stability.

Audio Note AN-K Speakers – These Small Speakers Do It All

Audio Note AN-K Speakers. These little speakers do it all. They allow you to forget about equipment and just enjoy the music. They are easy to use and so versatile with different types of music and rooms.

Audio Note OTO Phono SE – Modern Day Classic

Audio Note OTO Phono SE – nothing flashy about this 10 watt tube integrated amp. Just a modern day classic amplifier, that has stood the test of time for over 16 years!

Long Live Tubes

Long live tubes!

Audio Note AN E Speakers

Audio Note AN E speakers. Aesthetically simple. Emotive and musically real. People are always looking around for additional speakers when there are two speakers sitting in front of them. They are beautiful and meticulously crafted but don’t scream out “look at me.” Audio Note speakers are extremely efficient and work perfectly with many tube amps. If you haven’t heard Audio Note speakers – do yourself a favor and check them out.